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Decapoda - Caridea - Palaemonidae - Urocaridella

Urocaridella aff. antonbruunii (Bruce, 1967)

Distribution : Li & Bruce (2006) - U. antonbruunii typical - Type locality: Dzaoudzi, Mayotte (Pamanzi Island), Comoro Islands. Also known from Kenya, La ReŽunion, South China Sea, Japan, Australia, New Caledonia, and Hawaii.

Regional Data (French Polynesia, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Clipperton)
Distribution & Ecology: Marquesas (Hatutaa-Eiao, Nuku Hiva, Tahuata, Fatu Hiva); Society (Moorea, Tahiti). - Marine; 6-23 m; Hard bottom?

Regional Records: Urocaridella aff. antonbruunii - Unpublished sp., ?coll. & prov. det. G. Paulay, Moorea (?FLMNH-UF) (first record for FP). - Field observation, 2006, photograph by P. Bacchet, det. Bacchet/Poupin, Tahiti, outer slope at night, 5-8 m. - AAMP, Marquesas, 2012, Leg 3, coll. Starmer et al., St. MQ2-GR, Nuku Hiva, 20-23 m, sample LC27, St. MQ11-GR, Tahuata, 6-12 m, photo in situ T. Perez, no sample, St. MQ15-GR, Fatu Hiva, 28 m, sample LC153, photo in situ T. Perez, St. MQ23-M, Ua Pou, intertidal, coll. Jonathan, in water pool at low tide, sample LC303, St. MQ32-GR, Hatutaa, 17-22 m, coll. Starmer et al, sample LC385.

Depth distribution: 6 - 28 m

References : compilation of references cited in Poupin (1996, 1998, 2003) and Poupin et al. (2009) - PDF 412 Ko

Since November 2012, this database is updated in CRUSTA database -