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Decapoda - Caridea - Palaemonidae - Pontonides

Pontonides ankeri Marin, 2007

Distribution : Marin (2007: 7) - Based on previous records (see Bruce, 2005), numerous photographs in popular underwater guides and in the internet, and the present record, P. ankeri n. sp. appears to be widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific, e.g., in the Seychelles, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, French Polynesia and Hawaii (but because of previous misidentifications it is impossible to determine .. distribution range).

Regional Data (French Polynesia, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Clipperton)
Distribution & Ecology: Marquesas (Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou); Society (Tahiti).

Regional Records: Pontonides unciger - Fransen, 1994: 136, pl. 4d (Photograph; anthipataria associate). - Debelius, 1999, 2001: 194 (Marquesas; photograph by L. Pozzoli - Not P. unciger Calman, probably P. ankeri - Pontonides ankeri - Marin, 2007: 7 (presence possible in French Polynesia based on photographs in Debelius (2001), but examination of specimens is necessary for confirmation). - Field observation, 2006, photograph by P. Bacchet, prov. det. I. Marin from photo only, Tahiti outer slope at night 42 m, on Anthipataria. - AAMP, Marquesas, 2012, Leg 3, St. MQ2-GR, photo in situ Yann Hubert laptop no sample, St. MQ24-GR-R, Ua Pou, 6-12 m, coll. Starmer et al., sample LC339.

Depth distribution: 6 - 42 m

References : compilation of references cited in Poupin (1996, 1998, 2003) and Poupin et al. (2009) - PDF 412 Ko

Since November 2012, this database is updated in CRUSTA database -