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Decapoda - Brachyura - Portunidae - Laleonectes

Laleonectes stridens Crosnier & Moosa, 2002

Distribution : Central Pacific: French Polynesia (Austral, Tuamotu) - 130-260 m.

Remarks : Possibly present at Rapa, south of Austral Island, where a female specimen (see photographs under L. nipponensis) is attributed with hesitation to L. nipponensis (pers. com. A. Crosnier 14/08/2002). A male would be necessary to confirm this identification.

Selected Reference(s)
Laleonectes stridens. - Crosnier, A. and Moosa, M. K., 2002: 391, fig. 3a, 4, 5a-c. - French Polynesia

Regional Data (French Polynesia, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Clipperton)
Distribution & Ecology: Endemic to the region; Austral (Rurutu); Tuamotu (Fangataufa, Marutea South, Moruroa, Vanavana) - Marine; Deep (130-260m).

Regional Records: Portunus sp. nov. cf. nipponensis - Poupin, 1996b: 36 (in part, only localities, but not the photograph pl. 17c that illustrates a L. nipponensis from Rapa I., 110 m). - Laleonectes stridens Crosnier & Moosa, 2002: 390, fig. 3a, 4, 5a-c (Fangataufa, Marutea South, Moruroa, Rurutu, Vanavana; 130-260m; coll. Frv Marara, fr).

Depth distribution: 130 - 260 m

References : compilation of references cited in Poupin (1996, 1998, 2003) and Poupin et al. (2009) - PDF 412 Ko

Since November 2012, this database is updated in CRUSTA database -